Knee arthroscopy for meniscal tear

 Knee arthroscopy for meniscal tear

Hi Ian, I am pleased to say that both my knees are doing extremely well and I have had no pain from them since recovering from the arthroscopy.  Last year, I was part of a team who completed a challenging sponsored trek through the Southern Highlands of Iceland, which involved crossing lava and snow fields,... Continue reading

2nd May 2018

Dancers’ Knees

 Dancers' Knees

The level of care that Ian provides to all his patients is unparalleled. The communication with both patients and practitioners is exemplary. He always finds time to answer questions honestly and clearly, and his attention to detail, when performing surgery is brilliant. I entrust all my patients with knee problems into his care, he is... Continue reading

22nd April 2018

ACL reconstruction

 Amanda's ACL reconstruction

Hi Ian, I wanted to let you know that following the ACL reconstruction you did on my knee 2 years ago, I’m just returning from my last week skiing of the season. I skied tentatively for the first time in January and then carefully in February, and have just stepped off the mountain having skied... Continue reading

2nd April 2018

Robbie Legg

 ACL reconstruction

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for the fantastic help and advice and also amazingly efficient and helpful way in which we were dealt with whilst sorting the whole consultation through to operation for Robbie’s ACL repair. It isn’t often these days that you feel someone is... Continue reading

21st March 2018

David’s custom-made knee replacement

 Custom-made knee replacement

Dear Ian On 14th March 2017 I had my left knee replaced — what a difference. When I met you at the London Sports Orthopaedics Clinic you made me feel comfortable and your experience and knowledge provided me with the confidence I needed. You told me what I should be expecting from a total knee... Continue reading

7th March 2018

Mr D.A.

 Outpatient Consultation

Your consultation as well as the letter were most comprehensive and helpful. It is clear why you are considered as one of the best specialists in this area. To compare your work with that of Mr XXXX at the Spire Roading Hospital is like making a comparison between day and night. There, my consultant identified an... Continue reading


Pamela’s custom-made knee replacement

 ConforMIS custom-made knee replacement

Dear Mr McDermott, I can’t thank you enough for your patience and understanding to finally get me there. My case was not straightforward, in that I had an underlying problem with ongoing sinus infections, unfortunately resulting in 2 cancellations. We then had to include a microbiologist from London Bridge Hospital and he gave us both the confidence... Continue reading

19th February 2018

Maria Cadman

 Custom-made knee replacement

Dear Ian, The end of November marked my 6-month anniversary since I had my knee operation, and I knew it was time for me to say thank you properly for everything you have done to make me feel like a new person. I can’t believe how lucky I have been!  I am so pleased that... Continue reading




I was unlucky enough to tear my ACL and meniscus twice; once on each knee, six years apart. Without being presented with alternative options after the first accident, my first graft was taken from my hamstring. I remember going to my first post-op physio session and not being able to lift my leg up off... Continue reading

December 2017

Helen Willing

 Partial Knee Replacement

Dear Ian, I thought you might like this photo !!! This is me 16 months on from a partial conformis knee. I completed a 455 km London to Paris charity ride for Great Ormond Street Hospital at the weekend !! The ride was over a four day period and not only did I complete it... Continue reading

July 2017

Anne Haden

 Partial Knee Replacement

As a botanist I get out into the countryside to look for rare and interesting plants and to monitor sites where special plants grow.  Some plants grow in bogs, or down cliffs, or up steep rocky hills. The terrain can be bumpy and walking difficult in many areas.  When my left knee started to give... Continue reading

July 2017

Stephen Card

 Patellofemoral Arthroplasty

I was referred to Ian McDermott after my fourth arthroscopy on my right knee, all of which had provided temporary relief at best and, at worst, been a waste of time.  I was fully expecting him to advise that I would have two choices; A) a full knee replacement, or B) wait until your knee is bad... Continue reading

July 2017

Louise Ayling


Having had an ACL reconstruction on my left knee 9 years ago, I encountered further problems when my knee began to give way, causing damage to my meniscus. My ACL graft had stretched and was no longer functioning. Consequently, during a physio session, my knee gave way causing a bucket handle tear in my meniscus,... Continue reading

August 2015

Prof Richard Plomin

 Knee arthritis

I was hesitant to consult a knee surgeon about my arthritic knee because I had heard that knee surgeons only want to do surgery. For this reason, I was pleasantly surprised to find that after carefully going through all the options, Mr McDermott suggested that in my case surgery was not advisable. I very much... Continue reading

March 2017

Mary Wolff-Ingham

 Total Knee Replacement

Dear Mr McDermott, I was cycling past London Bridge Hospital on Monday and thought of you! I can’t believe how different I feel six months on since you replaced my knee. I wanted to write and thank you properly for doing such a wonderful job; for being such a skilled surgeon but also for the... Continue reading

May 2015

Sarah Conway

 Meniscal transplantation

While I was living in London to pursue a Master’s degree at the London School of Economics & Political Science, I found Ian at the 31 Old Broad Street practice. My knee had been bothering me quite a bit in the weeks prior and I was feeling increasingly concerned about its state. Over the two... Continue reading

April 2013

Julian Baines

 Knee Surgery

I chose Mr McDermott based on his expertise in the field of treating knee problems as I had long term knee issues following many years playing football. Following a successful operation and follow up physiotherapy I have been able to return to playing squash, tennis and golf in the same week without any complaints or... Continue reading

February 2010

Sharon Nicholson

 Meniscal transplantation

I had a meniscal transplant operation last May by Mr Ian McDermott and I cannot thank Mr McDermott enough. Many years ago I had my cartilage removed in my left knee and over the years with bone on bone rubbing against each other it left me in pain with restrictive movement so I had had... Continue reading

November 2012