Laura Procter

 Meniscal repair

Late May 2008 I managed to damage my knee whilst climbing. It was felt odd at the time. It felt like I had only twisted it but it was very painful to walk on and I could not straighten my leg. The swelling came up the next day when I went to visit the Doctor who said I... Continue reading

July 2009

Leo Camish

 Radiofrequency to cartilage damage on patella

I am a 15-year-old student at Hurstpierpoint College, Sussex, where I play a term of Rugby, a term of Hockey and a term of Cricket. I also represent Sussex at Cricket, where I have played for the last 3 years as a wicket keeper / batsman. I developed a pain in my right knee early... Continue reading

December 2012

Duncan Faircloth

 Knee Arthroscopy

Forty-five years ago I had a cartilage removed from my right knee. It was a very successful operation and allowed me to play many demanding sports (except rugby and soccer) to a high competitive standard. Although the knee would occasionally swell up, an icepack and a good massage would bring the swelling down pretty quickly.... Continue reading

March 2008

Julie Davies

 ACL Reconstruction

Most people, including myself, thought I was mad when I told Mr McDermott that I wanted to go ahead with an ACL reconstruction with an 8 week old baby! The motivated part of me was determined to get it done and get back to playing tennis & skiing as quickly as possible, and the lazy... Continue reading

January 2009