ACL reconstruction

 Amanda's ACL reconstruction

Hi Ian,

I wanted to let you know that following the ACL reconstruction you did on my knee 2 years ago, I’m just returning from my last week skiing of the season. I skied tentatively for the first time in January and then carefully in February, and have just stepped off the mountain having skied almost back to how I was before the accident. No pain at all, apart from aches and pains after a long day, sadly to do with being mid-40s!

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Skiing is a passion of mine and spending time with my family in this way is so important. I’m over the moon. Added to this, there is hardly any scarring at all – amazing. I’m skiing with CTI braces for the time being to stop any hyper extension, but this is more peace of mind! And have become rather addicted to reformer Pilates which has helped rehab tremendously.

Thank you so much for sorting me out so painlessly and with calm manner and great expertise. It is greatly appreciated.

With best wishes


2nd April 2018