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Knee Surgeon London

Ian McDermott is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising purely in knees. Ian is the founder of London Sports Orthopaedics and he is now in full-time private practice, based in Central London.

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"I would highly recommend Ian to anybody contemplating knee surgery. His professionalism, attention to detail and knowledge gave me the confidence to go ahead."
Miss L.A. Aug 2015

Latest News

3 January 2024

Excellent long-term outcomes reported from meniscal transplantation, with the main risk factor for failure being more-advanced articular cartilage damage.

3 September 2022

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15 March 2021

Ramp lesions of the medial meniscus.

8 February 2021

The importance of resistance training. Mr Paul Argent.

24 January 2021

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17 March 2019

LBH Newsletter – Ian announced as new Vice-Chairman of FIPO

27 December 2018

Knee arthroscopy DOES work – when it’s done at the right time on the right person for the right reasons…

28 March 2018

Article in ‘Independent Practitioner Today’ about LSO’s new Research Centre

22 February 2018

Article in ‘Orthopaedic Product News’ by Mr McDermott about Conformis custom-made knees

29 January 2018

Kicking rugby players’ knee injuries into touch