Shân’s Conformis custom-made knee replacement

 Conformis custom-made knee replacement

I originally suffered a severely painful episode with a flare-up in my right knee, which was diagnosed by an orthopaedic surgeon as ‘mild arthritis’. Following a change of physiotherapist, I was fortunate to find in Helen Appanah: someone who immediately recognised that I needed a second opinion about my knee, and she recommended Mr Ian... Continue reading

16th October 2022

Sister Margaret’s custom-made knee replacement at The Weymouth Street Hospital

 Custom-made knee replacement surgery at The Weymouth Street Hospital

I first started having knee pain over 6 years ago, and it was suggested then I have a replacement. I chose to work around the pain until a year ago, when the knee gave completely and I had sharp pain. This became increasingly restrictive making stairs, walking and sleeping very difficult. I am otherwise healthy... Continue reading

18th July 2022

Karen’s custom-made knee replacement

 Karen's custom-made knee replacement

Having played various sports all my life, and sustaining numerous knee injuries in the process, I reached a point where I had developed severe OA in both knees by my mid 50’s.  Over the past 10 years, this had gradually restricted me from running, playing tennis & racquetball and eventually even walking the dog.  Walking... Continue reading

19th February 2022

Angela’s custom-made knee replacement

 Custom-made knee replacement surgery

After several years discussing options and timing with Ian McDermott, in the summer of 2021 I decided to proceed with the replacement of my right knee with a new customised Conformis knee. I am sure there are many things that determine the success of a knee replacement surgery, not least of which is the choice... Continue reading

24th November 2021

Jane’s custom-made knee replacement

 Custom-made knee replacement surgery

I was 63, active, fit and well… apart from one ‘bad knee’, and in my opinion too young to have a total knee replacement. My knee had been a problem for 30+ years, with three previous arthroscopic procedures and numerous injections. With the knowledge that no more could be done to ease the horrible constant... Continue reading

26th September 2021

Helen’s knee arthroscopy for a meniscal tear

 Arthroscopic partial meniscectomy for a meniscal tear

I consulted Mr McDermott in October last year as I was suffering a lot of pain in my right knee. I had been recommended to see him by my son, on whom Mr McDermott had operated a few years beforehand following torn ligaments from a skiing accident, and he recovered very well indeed. After having... Continue reading

12th April 2021

Olivia’s custom-made knees at just 47!

 Bilateral custom-made knee replacements.

As a 47-year-old healthy women with a love of the outdoors & never being happier than when out walking with my dogs, I was desperately looking for a solution for my arthritic knees. They had become so painful that I was no longer enjoying walking and was miserable with the daily pain. Having suffered with knee pain since my early twenties and having already had... Continue reading

14th March 2021

Harry’s knee surgery after his football injury

 ACL reconstruction with anterolateral ligament reinforcement plus meniscal repair.

Dear Ian, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to yourself and your team for everything you did for me since I came to you just over a year ago. Your reassurance and expertise were second to none and your knowledge filled me with confidence since our first consultation. You talked me though... Continue reading

4th January 2020

Knee surgery for Medial Plica Syndrome

 Medial Plica Syndrome

I am a keen cyclist and began experiencing pain in my left knee at the beginning of 2019. Having been through over a year of physio, steroid injections and an inconclusive MRI scan, my physio recommended I see Mr. McDermott to explore surgical options. The initial consultation with Ian involved a physical examination followed by... Continue reading

17th November 2020

Colin’s Conformis knees

 Bilateral Custom-made Knee Replacements

My name is Colin and I am a 58 year old ex Rugby and Judo Player who works in the City of London. My knee issues began as soon as I started contact sport in my youth and I had a series of cartilage operation/removals and ligament reconstructions before I was 30. I gave up... Continue reading


Angus’s ACL reconstruction + meniscal repairs

 ACL reconstruction + medial & lateral meniscal repairs

Dear Ian, I thought you might like to know that Angus has recovered incredibly well from your excellent surgery in August 2017. This is us at Christmas when Angus skied all week and I’ve not seen him happier. (Angus is on the left with the huge grin!) Since then, with his year abroad in Beirut,... Continue reading


Ray’s bilateral custom-made knees

 Bilateral custom-made knee replacements

Hi Ian, It’s now 2 and a bit years on since I had both of my knees replaced with you. I am on top of the world… have skied already last year and again this week… and for the first time in my life it’s pain free… I play tennis / golf and trek a... Continue reading


Simon’s custom-made knee replacement

 Custom-made knee replacement surgery

This is Simon Law’s account of his recovery after his Conformis custom-made knee replacement surgery, which shows just what can sometimes be achieved: 3 months in and I feel that it’s all going well, I completed my longest ride yesterday: 49 miles with 4,000ft of climbing. In other news, I had a weekend away in... Continue reading


Peter’s Conformis knee

 Custom-made knee replacement

Hi Mr McDermott, just wanted to give you an update on my right knee, which you operated on 6 months ago, on the 31st of July 2018. The knee has come on really well since I saw you last. I am pain free and have almost total  movement. It feels as if I still have... Continue reading


Richard’s meniscal transplant + revision ACL reconstruction

 Meniscal transplantation + revision ACL reconstruction

I had a semi-successful ACL graft performed when I was 17, following a rugby accident in Abu Dhabi. After several smaller issues and degradation of the ACL and meniscus over 15 years, I was put in touch with Mr Ian McDermott about the possibility of grafting a new ACL and a new meniscus. The operation... Continue reading

7th December 2018

Fiona’s Custom-Made Knee Replacement

 Custom-Made Knee Replacement

Dear Ian, When I saw you four weeks ago [@ 2 weeks post-op] you issued what felt like a challenge: stairs in 6 weeks! Well, here is evidence of stairs at 5 weeks!! I am on the local bird reserve and using hand rails because it was slippy, but very pleased with progress and thought you... Continue reading

17th November 2018

Stewart 1-year after his Conformis knee replacement

 Custom-Made Knee Replacement

Hi Ian, I trust all is well with you and your fine team. It’s been a year since my new knee “went in” and I thought that you might enjoy this snap of us in Spain walking the Camino. Muscles around the knee still uncomfortable but doing pretty much everything we enjoy. All the best,... Continue reading

2nd December 2018

Knee arthroscopy for a meniscal tear

 Knee Arthroscopy for meniscal tear

Afternoon Mr McDermott I was just reflecting on the last couple of months and wanted to drop you an email to both on my sincere thanks to you and all the team at Old Broad Street but also at the London Bridge Hospital for the excellent care I have received. You may recall my first... Continue reading

17th November 2018