Christine’s custom-made knees

 Bilateral custom-made knee replacements

Having had an active life of sport my knees became increasingly painful. By the time I was 57 I was unable to walk more than 100 metres without pain and began taking regular naproxen to continue with daily activities. I was no longer able to play tennis having played at high club level. Golf was only possible using a buggy. My daily dog walk was impossible. As a result my fitness levels dropped and inevitably I gained weight. This all had a huge impact on my mental health. After consultations with various specialists I was advised that I had severe arthritis in both knees and they would need to be replaced. Having no knowledge of who would be best placed to perform the surgery, my husband and I spent a significant amount of time researching knee replacement surgery.  We discovered the ‘Conformis’ knee, custom made to snuggly fit an individual’s knee, and thought this was far more preferable than an ‘off the shelf’ knee which would not be an exact fit.  Meeting Ian McDermott, a Conformis specialist, was the next step. Ian was amazing from the start. He listened. He understood. He sympathised.  He gave straightforward clear advice. He allowed me time to consider the situation and I felt no pressure at any point. The ball was always in my court so to speak. Three years on, I have had both knees replaced.

Twelve weeks after my second knee replacement and following a physio’s advice I was able to walk for 45 mins. I used my electric bike to great effect, using power to climb hills, but with minimal electric on the flat. I was able to swim 600 metres 2/3 times a week using freestyle legs and life began to slowly  improve.

Approaching a year since my second knee replacement life is so so good.

I truly have my life back. I am completely pain free. I continue to do my stretching exercises and my fitness levels have improved significantly. I am walking freely at least 10,000 most days. I am playing golf and walking the full course. I cycle regularly, have skied down mountains and have even returned to the tennis court to bash some balls!!!

It is impossible to explain the true positive impact that two Conformis knees have had on my physical and mental health. Ian McDermott deserves so much credit for giving me the opportunity to live my life to the full.

I will always be forever grateful.

Christine April ’23

Christine skiing in the Portes du Soleil in Jan 2023.

Christine cycling in Bath last week.

Christine last weekend after walking 14,000 steps In the grounds of Blenheim Palace.

28th April 2023