Julie’s custom-made knee replacement at just 6 weeks post-op!

 Custom-made knee replacement

My name is Julie, I am a 58 year old retired P.E. teacher.  My knee problem started following a broken patella when I was in my 20’s.  Closely followed by a septic arthritis in the joint damaging all the internal surfaces.  I have struggled with pain, swelling, stiffness and decreased ability to straighten and bend my knee.  I have tried everything from physiotherapy, acupuncture, special boots and taking various pills and potions which offered some relief but no solution.  I am a keen sailor, rower, cyclist, walker, gardener and generally an outdoors person.  The pain I was experiencing in my knee was starting to seriously limit what I could do.

I had been to see a knee specialist about four years ago who advised that, as I was so active (despite being in pain) and because of my age and being female that any knee replacement should be postponed for a number of years.

I consulted Mr Ian McDermott after researching on the Internet for a specialist sports knee orthopaedic surgeon.  I needed someone to understand that this was not just about getting rid of pain but being able to continue my active life.  I bit the bullet and made an appointment through HCA.  The rest is history, a total knee replacement. Following the amazing treatment and care at the London Bridge Hospital, the hard work was about to begin, recovery and rehabilitation!

I cannot stress enough how important this is.  Religiously following the exercises and extending them three times a day, I was also seeing a physiotherapist for manual therapy once a week. YouTube has a wealth of videos showing different exercises for different stages of recovery (and it did keep it more interesting).  Yes it is painful and your knee will swell, just remember to ice for 15mins and then elevate for 45 minutes.  This is the investment to reduced pain and increase future mobility.

Six weeks down the line I feel I have got my life back.  Pain free daily activities and back doing the things I love.

Yours in active health,


12th August 2018