Kerry’s new custom-made knees (skipping with delight!)

 Custom-made knee replacements

Mr Kerry Shale. 2024

By the summer of 2022, both my knees had become unworkable. Having been a keen tennis player and a member of a running club, I could now barely climb the stairs of our Islington home. I couldn’t stand in the same spot for more than five minutes without excruciating pain. A chat with a distant cousin in Canada helped me to make up my mind. He had had both knees replaced a few years previously and was living a full life again. I decided to proceed, but only if I could find a sympathetic doctor. I had almost had a partial knee replacement ten years earlier, but cancelled it because I didn’t feel comfortable with the surgeon. Eventually, I came across Ian’s website, where I read every testimonial, watched every video and felt that he was possibly the man for me. When we met, he didn’t disappoint. Ian is straightforward, kind and easy to work with; a man you can trust.

At the suggestion of my cousin, I learned how to swim. I had been terrified of the water since I was a child but overcame my phobia in order to strengthen my legs before the operation. In February 2023, Ian replaced my right knee. There was some spectacular post-op bruising, but my mind remained strong (I’d say that’s the most important factor in a successful recovery). I did many weeks of very painful, very challenging rehab, hooking myself up to a rented Game Ready machine from Day One; a tip I garnered from Ian’s website. I saw Ian at intervals for check-ups, advice and inspiration.

The pain was fifty per cent less with one good knee. I was half-way there. In February 2024, I was ready for Ian to replace the second knee. This time, the bruising was minimal, and after the all-important rehab and Game Ready sessions, recovery came considerably quicker. Stairs eventually went from a challenge to a doddle. I can stand in the same spot for hours at a time now (as an actor and voiceover artist, this is part of my job).

Three months after the second operation, I was out for a long walk in Regent’s Park with an old friend. It was the first sunny day of Spring. I was so ecstatic to be walking in the sunshine with two pain-free legs that I almost felt like skipping. In fact, I did feel like skipping. I hadn’t skipped since I was a child, but I asked my friend to turn his phone on to capture the moment. Thank you, Ian. I’m living a full life again.


Kerry before having his knees done.

And Kerry afterwards!

24th June 2024