Knee arthroscopy for a meniscal tear

 Knee Arthroscopy for meniscal tear

Afternoon Mr McDermott

I was just reflecting on the last couple of months and wanted to drop you an email to both on my sincere thanks to you and all the team at Old Broad Street but also at the London Bridge Hospital for the excellent care I have received.

You may recall my first visit to see you when I was in considerable pain on my left knee, I was barely able to walk 50 yards without having to stop because the pain was so bad, I certainly learned to hate uneven surface and pavements which greatly excecated the pain. Prior to coming to you I had been lucky enough to undertake a six week course for physiotherapy with Clive Pereira from Pure Sports Medicine. I had tried a number of things to help the pain, including soft tissue massage and a series of very light strengthening exercise. Sadly, they had little impact and the pain remain and simple activities like walking and sleeping remained incredible difficult.

Post the MRI scan, your observation and guidance was for me to have knee arthroscopy, as you put it tied up the “shredded cartilage”. As I mentioned above, the care and the service at the London Bridge Hospital was truly exemplary – please pass on my thanks to the team there. But the most important part of my journey has been the result. Aside from some initial swelling, the relief from the sharp shooting pain in the knee went almost straight away which was a major relief and has remained the case 3 weeks post operation  – this was a major relief. I took the anti-inflammatory tablets during the first 48 hours, more as precaution rather than because I need them. In addition I have had not need any pain relief medication since the operation.

I took a week off work to rest and have embarked on my next part of my journey with Clive and the team at Pure Sports to help strengthen the knee. However, the fear of uneven pavements is no longer part of my day !

Once again many thanks

Tim Bird

17th November 2018