Pamela’s custom-made knee replacement

 ConforMIS custom-made knee replacement

Dear Mr McDermott,

I can’t thank you enough for your patience and understanding to finally get me there. My case was not straightforward, in that I had an underlying problem with ongoing sinus infections, unfortunately resulting in 2 cancellations. We then had to include a microbiologist from London Bridge Hospital and he gave us both the confidence to go ahead.

So nearly 2 years later it has been done, with remarkable success and recovery. Due to a combination of first class surgeon, first class Conformis knee, and the amazing Game Ready recovery machine (not to be underestimated).

I am 70 next month, have always exercised all my life which helps, but given that fact I’m sure no one could have predicted just how quickly and easily I recovered. Achieving a 90 degree bend within hours of surgery, feeling like a normal knee. Then walking without crutches at my 10 day check up. Tomorrow 2 week’s after surgery I will be on an exercise bike back at my gym. So looking forward with no fear now to the next one.

You have gone the extra mile for me, always being available by e mail and your very special “human touch”. Eternally grateful.

Pam Hilton

19th February 2018